Bill Piper

“…the most professional, intelligent, enthusiastic and nice editor I’ve worked with.”

Aurelie Vialette
author of  Intellectual Philanthropy: The Seduction of the Masses, Purdue UP, 2018


I do substantive copy-editing and proofreading by engaging your text in dialogue to help you prepare articles and books in the humanities for publication in academic venues. Scholars writing in English as a non-native language find my feedback especially useful in preparing texts that editors at prospective publishing venues will encounter without the distractions of:

  • awkward syntax
  • syntax, spelling and punctuation errors
  • overly literal translation from your native language
  • culturally questionable usage
  • progression of ideas unclear to a nonspecialist reader
  • concepts insufficiently framed or introduced for a nonspecialist reader
  • truncated development, or ideas it would be interesting to read further exploration of
  • overuse and underuse of the language of critical theory.

I enjoy careful reading of scholarly articles in humanities fields and value intellectual discourse,  so you are assured a responsive reader dedicated to facilitating your work’s reaching a wide and  interested audience.