About: Why “Editing from the Liminal”



“I’m so grateful for your careful and elegant editing.”

Michelle Murray, author of Home Away from Home, forthcoming from UNC Press

If you know what my domain name means, you are the person I am looking for. I recognize that all texts, to perhaps oversimplify, inhabit liminal spaces: the drafts encompassing the passage from inspiration to publication, or the transmission of intentions and significations from author to reader, etc.   My role is to provide substantive copy-editing to approximate assimilated academic humanities discourse for scholars writing books and articles to be published in English.

As with any encounter and crossing of thresholds, the process of preparing a document is fraught with apprehension and misunderstandings.   These dangers are increased when an author writes in a language not his/her native tongue to an audience for whom the language is native. To return to the metaphor, if you are writing in English (or any other non-native language), following Van Gennep, you have separated from your native status. Your writing is analogous to the rituals of transition, and publication, of course, marks a kind of incomplete assimilation, so let’s work together to get your voice heard clearly by your intended audience.

A Brief History:

A few years ago, I was approached by Adrian Perez-Melgosa to ask if I could edit the book he was preparing for publication with Routledge Press. It was published in 2012 as Cinema and Inter-American Relations: Tracking Transnational Affect. While editing this academic work spanning several humanities discourses—political history, cultural studies, film and literature—I was struck by the comfort and, yes, fun I experienced in so closely and responsibly reading critical theory while engaging another thinking human being in dialogue about his scholarship. As I have done incrementally more work of this type since then, I find it the intellectually rewarding work I need. I strive to satisfy customers, and this is the most enjoyable way I know to do so.