…the cost?



is significantly less than you would pay for car repairs, a tattoo, many kinds of hairstyle, cosmetic home improvements, etc.  And this concerns the content of your professional publication.

  • I usually work by the hour, not the project, because time taken depends on the quality and complexity of the manuscript I receive.  Smooth transitions and infrequent minor proofreading corrections lead to more quickly finished and less expensive work than manuscripts that require a lot of clarification and frequent correction.
  • I will, however, if it is the policy of your institution or your preference work from a sum total estimate.
  • Negotiation to meet your department’s or university’s funding requirements is possible when reasonable.
  • Graduate students and those applying for graduate schools can negotiate lower rates than those offered to professionals already working in academic or research careers.
  • If you are a first time customer contacting me regarding a project of over 30 pages, I will offer a free edit of up to five pages you select as representative and indicate my time expenditure on return.  From there you can estimate a cost for the entire manuscript and evaluate the thoroughness of my work.  I tend to be quite detailed and careful in my feedback, but you would have the option, of course, to request and define a less intensive reading as a cost saving measure.
  • For first time customers on projects of over 30 pages, I ask for a $150.00 deposit to be credited to the total hours of your final or first month’s invoice.  Projects requiring more than a month’s work are usually invoiced either per chapter or per month for total billable hours, but I am open to negotiation on that point, and most others.
  • With your permission, I will advertise your work on this site and on my Facebook page.